Health Improvement Program

A chalk board with H.I.P. written on it

Are You Ready to?

Increase your activity
Make better food choices
Gain better understanding of your health
Improve your knowledge of your disease and medication
Overall improve your health

"The Health Improvement Program gives participants the knowledge and power to take back and improve their health with the use of home monitoring, education, and wellness coach support." Aimee Mauderly, RN

Our program offers in-home monitoring of your physical health, activity and nutrition with ongoing coaching and education with our care managers.

Check out this patient testimonial from Linda Schaefer regarding our
Health Improvement Program!

Benefits of the program may include:

Greater understanding of personal health needs
Disease management monitoring
Wellness coaching
Improved physical health
Weight management

Who Qualifies?

Any Montgomery County resident who qualifies and has a desire to improve their health.


From your home

The Cost?

There is no cost to the program. The value comes from your commitment.

To Enroll?

Contact Jennifer Bass at (712)623-7182!