Learn to cook with the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital's Healthy Food, Healthy You Program. Whether you are a beginner learning a specific diet for the first time or just want to learn new cooking techniques and new recipes that are healthy for you, we can help.

Let us show you how to create a quick, healthy, great-tasting meal that fits your budget using fresh, flavorful ingredients. Sign up for a class today, they're free!

During the class, you'll get hands on experience and learn cooking techniques and explore new flavors while making diet specific meals to live your healthiest. MCMH Registered Dietitians, Jennifer Bass and Erin McNamara will be leading the classes their sharing their expert tips and tricks!

What will cooking classes include?

Cooking classes will include a demonstration of how to prepare a diet specific recipe, samples and education. Tips and lots of time for questions and answers with the MCMH dietitians.

Who can attend the classes, how much are they and how do I register?

Classes are open and free to anyone! All you need to do is register online at mcmh.org. If you don't have access to register online, please call Ashley Peterson at 712-623-6462.

When are classes?

Class times vary. Please check out the MCMH Calendar!

Calendar of Classes

Click here for a complete calendar of times and dates

Cooking a Heart Health Diet

Heart healthy eating doesn't have to be boring. Learn to how to prepare healthy and tasty foods while receiving tips on incorporating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, choosing healthy fats, grocery shopping and recipe modifications.

Cooking Low Sodium

Salt out, Flavor in. Learn how to enhance the flavor of your food while sticking to your low sodium diet. Participants will learn tips about cooking, label reading and recipe modification as well as sample a low sodium meal prepared by our registered dietitians.