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Heartland Hospice

Hospice is not a place or a person. It is a way of providing end of life medical and supportive care where a client lives, whether at home, in a nursing facility or hospital. We provide a compassionate presence and specialized knowledge to clients and their loved ones. Hospice care begins when a terminally ill person chooses care options based on comfort and symptom relief rather than a cure.

The Heartland Hospice Mission

To provide care for terminally ill clients and their loved ones using extraordinary sensitivity, heroic compassion and aggressive symptom control. Our practice emphasizes meeting the physical, emotional spiritual and bereavement needs of those we serve.

Our team works together to relieve pain, control symptoms, provide support and enhance the quality of life through a range of services.

Client's Physician, Dietitian and Registered Nurse work together to alleviate pain and other symptoms, educate the client and loved ones on medications, medical equipment and disease management.
Hospice Spiritual Counselor assists clients on their spiritual journey providing comfort and support.
Medical Social Worker may provide guidance on legal matters, community resources, funeral planning,
emotional support and counseling to clients and their loved ones.
Certified Nursing Assistants provide care needs such as bathing, hair and skin care.
Trained Volunteers are available for additional support or respite care.

Grief Support

Bereavement care is a major component of Hospice care and includes continuing care and support to a client's family
and loved ones following death.
Bereavement services include:
Mailings and phone calls.
Memorial Services.
Home visits and referrals.

Heartland Hospice Volunteers

Hospice volunteers can assist hospice clients and their loved ones in many ways. Volunteer training is provided with ongoing support from the hospice team members and other experienced volunteers. We are worth your time and effort. We offer you the training and support to become involved and make a meaningful contribution to clients and their loved ones during and after a terminal illness.

Exchange a little time for a lot of satisfaction. To learn more about becoming a Hospice volunteer contact us at 712-623-7194.

Admission Process

Referrals for services may be received from anyone and all inquiries about services are welcome. Physicians will be contacted prior to acceptance into our programs.

Payment for Services

If criteria are met, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration and private insurances can be billed for services.

Contact Us

Heartland Hospice
2301 Eastern Ave., Box 498
Red Oak, Iowa 51566


"The staff that I interacted with were very kind, compassionate, and understanding. I felt that they really cared about my mother, and myself, and did a lot to help us through the process. They were also very helpful helping us to understand each step of the process."

"Everything was done exceptionally well down to his last breath and final resting place. We couldn't ask for a more caring, thoughtful, patient, and loving and understanding staff. Amy was so very supportive and had just the right words to help us through the process. Dad was so fortunate to have had this program that always made him comfortable, eased his pain, and other troublesome symptoms. You enabled him to live his last days, hours, to the fullest with purpose, dignity, grace and support. He was able to spend his final days in a familiar, comfortable, home with all his loved ones because of hospice."

"The nurse was awesome. She made me and dad feel great and comfortable. Dad died peacefully with all his family around him. She followed through with everything she said and was so professional and helpful."

"Always gave comfort and always explained all that was going on at the time so we could understand it. It was so difficult to watch our loved one - I think we suffered more than she did. Your hospice people kept us comforted and aware of what was happening."

"Called family so that we could come and see her in private before the funeral home came to take her away and prayer. We had Heartland Hospice for our Dad and our brother, thank you. Compassionate and explained what to expect."

"As a nursing instructor at the Univ. of AZ and for the world health organization I have promoted Hospice care. However, only now when my dear brother died in peace and with so much love and kindness have I truly known the value and guidance of the hospice staff. I wish I could express my appreciation better; you have not only cared for my brother but also for me. Bless you and your work which will touch the hearts and the souls of your clients more than you will ever know."

"I would recommend Heartland Hospice of MCMH to everyone, in fact I have a friend from Page County whose mother is in a nursing facility - I told her about the wonderful care you provided the family. She said that she had heard that Heartland Hospice was excellent."

" We chose you because of Celeste Westgaard and have heard from many of the wonderful care given by Heartland Hospice."