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Social Services

The Social Services Department is based on the philosophy that total care of a patient involves physical, mental and psychosocial aspects. Patient autonomy and self-determination are encouraged. The department staff strives to help create an environment in which the optimum level of functioning is available for the patient, both in the hospital and after discharge.

Primary functions of the Social Service Department include:

Preparation for patient to go home from the hospital including home health care, medical equipment and nursing home transition
Attending to the patients' psychosocial needs
Supportive counseling
Lifeline program management
Advance Directives


Peace of mind can make living independently a possibility with Philips Lifeline services. This service connects you to a trained personal response associate 24 hours a day.

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital has offered the Lifeline service since 1984. This is what one subscriber said about the service: "It gives me security when I am by myself. I know if I press the button someone will answer me."

Whether you're home or on the go, there's a Lifeline solution for you. Lifeline can help you maintain your independence and gives your family peace of mind. Stay safe with Lifeline. Call the MCMH Social Services department today for more information at 712-623-7204, or visit the Philips Lifeline website at

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