Population Health

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What We Do

Population Health has many definitions. Here at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, we have developed four programs to improve the health of our county's population. They are:

Employee Wellness
Community Wellness
Business Wellness
Elder Wellness

The program at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital that most interacts with the people of Montgomery County is our community wellness program, called Healthy University.

The Population Health Department utilizes Healthy University Programs Link such as education events, various community activities, health screens and in-home monitoring.

Healthy University itself has many parts including:

Women's Health
Weight Control
Diabetes Management
Heart Health
Health Literacy

Nutrition Coaching
Medically Referred Exercise Training
Cooking Classes
Wellness Wednesday
Wellness Walkway
Monthly Screenings

To help accomplish our goals of improving community health, we work with Live Well Montgomery County, which is a partnership of 13 organizations all dedicated to the same goal. This link Click Here will take you to the Live Well Montgomery County Population Health website. The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Population Health Program works within this comprehensive, county-wide program to spread awareness and accomplish the community health goals of our population.

To get more information on our Population Health Programs you may call (712)623-7268 or check out our events calendar!